Never Forget: Typographic Signage Project
A School (SCAD) Project that explores the attack on American civil liberties during the proposed Cordoba House, aka the Ground Zero Mosque, in 2009.
The Cordoba House, aka 51 Park, but better known in the media as the Ground Zero Mosque was such topic. At the time, only a year from the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the Cordoba House debate began to heat up, making New York City a national point of interest. With all the media surrounding this touchy subject, I felt the focus on the mosque was a good jumping off point for my project.
My design solution was a campaign in alignment with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to help show respect for all cultures. The campaign was to be placed on New York’s MTA buses and trains. To
me, this avenue made the most sense, as it would garner the most amount of visual traffic. This poster series focuses on various American virtues: respecting values, diversity, community, the American dream and the rights of the first amendment. Each poster focused on one of these statements and supported it with facts and commentary from my research paper. As an experimental type piece, I wanted to show the vibrancy, power and weight that words have and how typography could be used to create impact.
Subway Poster:
The full poster that represents all the major points of the mosque near Ground Zero Topic. A combination of display type and paragraph type to give holistic information about the realities of the building being proposed.
Bus Banner Poster:
Focusing on the proximity of the proposed cultural center to ground zero. Not really on ground sero only hear it.
Bus banner Poster:
Focusing on community and how the center would be a hub for cultural diversity and understanding in the
downtown NYC area.

Subway Poster #2:
Focusing on American values. What it means to have the America dream and to forget that is not a true American virtue.

Outside subway banner:
Focusing on the 1st Amendment. The right that all Americans have a right to freedom of religion and the freedoms to practice the right.
Inside subway banner:
Focusing on diversity. The US has been bullt on its cultural diversity, it is something that makes the US unique.
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